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What is the most powerful muscle in the human body? The muscle that exerts the greatest force is the soleus, or calf muscle. It contracts to keep us standing upright and without it we would be unable to stand, let alone walk. The muscle that exerts the greatest pressure is the masseter, or jaw muscle.... Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom- Day 10

Truth Today's focus is on the value of truth. This is a principle that we have been drifting further away from as a nation. We may have been misled by misinformation from news sources, social, media, or elected officials. Yet, we must hold ourselves accountable as well because we are willing consumers of this misinformation.... Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom- Day 8

Speak Life Today words of Wisdom contains several verses in Proverbs that all addresses the same subject: our words. These verses compare the words of the wise with the words of fools. They also show the harm our words can cause if we don't control them. The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint,    and... Continue Reading →

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