Overcoming Fear With Faith

Nothing makes me more fearful than uncertainty. I am a person who likes to plan, so when the future is uncertain I feel unsettled. You could say I'm a type A personality, so sitting back and going with the flow is pretty difficult for me. Over the years I came to realize how much is... Continue Reading →

You’re Not Alone

The number of people affected by anxiety and depression have been rising over the past decade. The isolation and stress of COVID only served to exacerbate this already alarming trend. The chronic stress of daily life has been leading to emotional exhaustion, with the greatest impact on the younger generations. As the level of stress... Continue Reading →

Prayer: When God Seems Silent

In our darkest hours we call out to God in prayer. We pray for help, rescue, healing, and intervention. Sometimes we see a clear answer to our prayers, but other times it may feel like God isn't listening. How do you measure the effectiveness of prayer? If it's measured by receiving the outcome we've ask... Continue Reading →

Don’t Settle For Less

We all want to be happy, but chasing happiness can sometimes feel like an endless pursuit. This is especially true when we believe our happiness is contingent upon something else. We tell ourselves "I'll be happy when_________", certain that once we attain it we will feel satisfied. The blank is always filled with what we... Continue Reading →

Without a Doubt

The last entry highlighted Old Testament scripture concerning the coming Messiah. These prophetic words were written over 700 years prior to Jesus' birth yet they seem to document his time on Earth. When we remember the promises God has already kept, it's easy to trust him with our future. Jesus Christ: 1. Has conquered sin... Continue Reading →

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