This will be an open book test…

Getting Started

We tend to get excited when we hear that a test will be open book. We’ve been in class and heard the information, so with the book in front of us we know we can ace the test. Believing we can easily find the answers, we spend less effort actually learning the material. To our disappointment, the test turns out to be much harder than expected because the teacher allowed resources would be available. Having the book only helped if you already knew the material and knew which pages contained the answers.

Much in the same way life is an open book test. God authored the Bible to provide us with a resource that was meant to be used. If we don’t first read and study the material how can we expect to know where to look when we’re stuck on a really hard question? Taking scripture out of context is like flipping to the index when you’re looking for answers on an open book test. It may head you in the right direction, but often the question is much too complicated and it may lead to the wrong conclusions. Context is everything when it comes to understanding how the Bible applies in our lives.

Throughout this blog I will be examining various questions from the test of life. Understanding the social, historical, and biblical perspectives are all needed to understand the life applications contained for today. Open book test is my personal perspective as well. We can’t provide testimony without being tested and we can’t share our testimony without opening our book to others. Personal stories have the ability to reveal deeper truth and change perspectives, making a concept relevant and applicable in our own lives. By combining these different elements and perspectives light is shed on the scripture, revealing that the answers are just as true today as when they were originally written.

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